Lunar Phases May 2024 Moon Calendar Templates with Dates & Time

We’re over the moon to bring you our comprehensive guide for Lunar Phases in May 2024 Moon Calendar. We’ve got detailed May 2024 phases templates, filled with dates and times, so you won’t miss a phase.

If you have a passion for stargazing or just a general interest in lunar activities, we’re confident that you’ll find this information quite useful.

Let’s dive into understanding the celestial dance between Earth and its only natural satellite – our beautiful Moon!

Moon Phases of May 2024 Calendar

Key Takeaways

  • Various templates available for May 2024 lunar phases
  • Detailed schedules for celestial observations in May 2024
  • Understanding the interaction between Earth and its natural satellite
  • Moon phases impact various natural processes on Earth

Lunar Phases May 2024 Calendars

There’s a variety of Moon Phases May 2024 calendars you can choose from, each providing accurate dates and times. We’ve designed these May 2024 lunar phase calendars to give you an easy way to track the moon’s journey.

The May 2024 moon calendar is not just a simple day tracker; it offers a unique perspective on the celestial movements that affect us daily.

Our moon phase calendars include all significant lunar events, like full moons and new moons. It’s perfect for anyone interested in astronomy or astrology! You can easily plan activities around the lunar cycle with our calendar lunar calendar.

We believe it’ll become your go-to guide for understanding the changing face of our night sky in May 2024. Add a pop of beauty and charm to your home & office by using our Cute May 2024 floral calendar wallpaper


May 2024 Moon Phases Calendar With Dates & Time
May 2024 Moon Phases Calendar With Dates & Time
Moon May 2024 templates
May 2024 Moon Calendar
May 2024 Moon Calendar

May 2024 Moon Calendar Templates

Our 2004 May lunar templates offer an in-depth look into this day’s moon phase. We’ve worked hard to ensure that moon May templates are as accurate as possible, using advanced astronomical data to track the moon’s journey through its phases.

By examining our May 2024 moon phase dates time charts, we can predict with certainty what state the moon will be in on this date.

Turn to our May moon calendar for a comprehensive view of the month’s lunar activity.

Our moon phase calendar is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in astronomy or tracking lunar cycles. So mark your calendars because observing lunar behavior has never been easier!

Lunar May 2024 Calendar
May 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar
Lunar May 2024 Calendar
2024 May Lunar Templates Calendar
2024 May Lunar Templates Calendar

May 2024 Moon Templates with Dates & Time

We’ve got detailed schedules for celestial observations that include precise moments and days for the fifth month of 2024. Our May 2024 moon templates with dates & times are designed to help you track the moon phases accurately.

They’re perfect for astronomers, astrologers, or anyone who loves watching the night sky. From the new moon phase to the full moon phase, we’ve got it all covered in our calendar.

May 2024 Moon Phases

The next full moon is always a sight to behold, and our calendars will ensure you don’t miss out on this natural spectacle.

With our clear and detailed moon phase calendar, we’re making sure you stay connected with the rhythms of nature. Remember, there’s something magical about understanding and following these lunar cycles!

DateTime (UTC)Lunar Phase
May 111:27Last Quarter
May 803:22New Moon
May 1511:48First Quarter
May 2313:53Full Moon
May 3017:12Last Quarter


We’ve detailed the Lunar Phases for May 2024 Calendar Templates in this handy guide, complete with dates and times.

With these templates, you’ll always know what phase the moon is in. It’s a must-have for those interested in astronomy, astrology, or just enjoy gazing at the night sky.

We hope you discover it as valuable as we do. Keep searching!

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