Moon Phases August 2024 Lunar Calendar With Notes

Ever gazed up at the night sky, wondering what phase the moon’s in? You’re not alone. With our guide to the Moon Phases August 2024, you’ll never be left guessing again.

We’ve compiled a detailed August 2024 moon phases calendar complete with notes, so you can track the moon’s changes from your backyard.

Dive in and discover how this celestial body can shape your understanding of time and tides.

August 2024 Moon Calendar Template

Moon Phases August 2024 Calendar

You’ll find the phases of the moon for August 2024, particularly fascinating when you check the August 204 moon calendar.

The August 2024 moon phases calendar is a visual feast, tracking each change in size and shape.

Observing these changes using the moon phases for August 2024 allows you to appreciate our celestial neighbor’s constant yet ever-changing presence.

Our moon phases August 2024 calendar provides an insight into each phase, from the new moon to full and back again.

You can use this information to plan stargazing nights or photography sessions. They’re perfect tools for any astronomy enthusiast or anyone with a keen eye for natural phenomena.

Click to explore our collection of cute August 2024 calendar wallpapers adorned with charming floral designs, ready for you to print and enjoy for free!

August 2024 Moon Calendar
August 2024 Moon Calendar
Lunar August 2024 Calendar

August 2024 Lunar Calendar Template

It’s essential to mark the 4th day of the eighth month in 2024 on your schedule as it holds astronomical significance.

This date is highlighted in the lunar 2024 August calendar, as it showcases a unique moon phase.

The Lunar August 2024 calendar is an invaluable tool for tracking these changes and noting their implications.

You’re not just observing a regular August 2024 calendar; you’re witnessing the ebb and flow of our celestial partner – the moon It’ll be like having your mini-astronomy journal!

August 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar
August 2024 Lunar Phases Calendar
August 2024 Lunar Calendar

August 2024 Moon Calendar With Notes

Don’t forget to utilize the 2024 template that includes a section for writing down reflections and insights gained from observing our celestial sphere.

Especially in August, you’ll notice the moon’s phases changing daily. Observing these patterns might inspire questions or spark creativity.

So, note down your thoughts and feelings each night as you gaze skywards.

2024 August Lunar Templates Calendar
2024 August Lunar Templates Calendar

August 2024 Moon Phases with Dates

Here’s a detailed table that you can use to track the shifting patterns of our celestial neighbor throughout the month.

The August Moon Phases Table for 2024 provides the exact dates and times of each phase, from the New Moon to the Full Moon and everything in between.

Lunar PhaseDateTime (UTC)
New MoonAugust 411:13
First QuarterAugust 1215:18
Full MoonAugust 1918:26
Last QuarterAugust 2609:26
August 2024 Moon Phases Dates & Time

So grab your telescope, find a cozy spot, and let yourself be mesmerized by the beauty of our universe.


You’ve journeyed through the cosmic dance of August 2024’s moon phases. Imagine, each night, using this calendar as your guide, you’ve traced the silver orb’s changing face in the star-studded sky.

Use these notes to remember what you felt under each phase. A month of lunar wonder has come full circle with you at its center.

Now carry that celestial rhythm forward and let it light up your nights ahead!

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